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Ramblings of A Deranged Mind

Ramblings of A Deranged Mind

This bit is the freestyle zone: remember these musings are but the ramblings of a deranged mind. They carry no weight and should on no account be used in a court of law:


Hot out isn't it? The fields are turning golden as I type and suddenly tipping trailers look popular again. The market in 2018 has been good and improving into summer. Obviously everyone has that same nagging feeling about the implications of Brexit - will it be a giant tap moment when someone just turns and turns until it is 2007 all over again - or will it be the Millenium Bug that never happened and all bimbles along nicely?  Someone is going to be right. The biggish news is the volatility of raw aluminium and steel. Trumps tarrifs and actions against the large Russian aluminium producer have created a large upward trend in the base price of aluminium - dot dot dot. This then plays into higher input costs for manufacturers. So what price a Christmas trailer - £500.00 to £1000.00 additional is a possibility.

Enough ranting: And the usual sign off: in this uncertain world of Putin, Trump we wish you all motherhood, apple pie and beer - God Bless You All.


Posted by Andrew on 23/07/2018