Our goal is to only offer to you the BEST IN CLASS products - science based - to deliver you the lowest eC02 content. We will do the thinking, in depth with great knowledge so that by purchasing from Newton you are doing the best for yourself and the planet. We are not a manufacturer – therefore we can spend time and effort only purchasing products from the worlds best factories. So that you the customer get the BEST IN CLASS. This is not about profit – this is about right thought right deed.

Planet Thinking is the only viable future for any UK Business and has been a core part of Newton’s thinking since 1996. Business owner Andrew Smith, started his PhD in ‘Carbon Taxation in Natural Woodland’ in 1995 and was involved in the Worlds first carbon measuring assessments in the tropics in 1993. He is probably the only Botanist selling trailers in Bedfordshire. Now at this point most website pages will link to a David Attenborough video or Greta crying. But this is not where we are - we are years 30 ahead of that and we need to take you our Customers and you our Suppliers on this adventure – like yesterday.

Newton is setting it’s own carbon journey using the most credible authorizing body the SBTi method – Science Based Targets initiative. Newton aims to be Scope 1 and Scope 2 net zero by 2025.

And the problem for YOU and the Problem for US is SCOPE 3.

Tipping trailers and Moving Floor trailers are trapped by the huge amounts of STEEL and ALUMINIUM used in their manufacture.

This means that a normal bulk alloy tipping trailer may have between 45,000 kgs and 65,000kgs of eCO2 embedded in the SCOPE 3. This is simply Colossal and very scary. For example the whole of our Newton’s Milton Keynes site and activities each year is less than half of the eC02 even one trailer that we sell. That is simply fffing mad. Selling a trailer is therefore ruining the planet single handed! What can be done?

So Newton has been working with Cranfield University and our suppliers to try and UNDERSTAND our trailer problem, REDUCE the eCO2 burden in the trailers we currently make and to FAST PROTOTYPE best in class trailers for production in 2023. We can NEVER make our SCOPE 3 meet SBTi net zero until we can access clean steel and clean alloy and that is way out beyond 2050. This we are doing by working with hundreds of our suppliers such as Swedish Steel or STAS.

The plan

So for Newton ‘doing our best’ = Label everything

Newton communicates the eC02 content of every product we sell.
We are proudly the first trailer company in the WORLD to label and list as of August 2022 the eCO2 of over 12,000 products both on the products and online.
That is hugely ambitious and not a little risky.

An example of a Newton Label

eCO2 label

Today are we are estimating using the mass of the item – such as a tipping trailer, and the principle components of the product. So we will NOT be correct about the kgs eCO2 but we will be in the ball park with an estimated confidence level set between 1 and 10. So 1 – is an informed guess and 10 is absolutely correct. As our suppliers give us more accurate information we will revise our eCO2 content information and improve the confidence level. If we have a good information source for that component or assembly or trailer we will list it alongside the confidence label.

We will try and create supplier forums to discuss and improve processes and products to achieve not only our own SBTi commitments but to assist you to. If you would like any more information then please contact

In my considered opinion if you want to genuinely learn more as a company and do your best for yourself, family, employees, company and planet then go to:

...and get a plan.

We have a plan and that is to be the best Trailer supplier based on PLANET eC02 scopings in the UK.
Work with us, supply us, be our customer and rest easy that we can and will make things better.