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IAA - afterglow - cheese and flags.

The IAA show in Germany - like a lot of things in my life - happens every two years...... and was declared by all participants in flowery and ebulliant language to have been an amazing success.  Of 14 moving floor trailers on show - on the various stands  - all 14 of them had Cargo Floors in them. So where was Keith Walking Floor?????  14 trailers and none of them able to use the name Walking Floor.  

Knapen had an interesting product - basically a very similar product to the Luck Steel Walking Floor - but with the variation of having the Cargo Floor steel overlapping floor product in it' . Launched with great fanfare. Other than all the others were  really just the  'Kama Sutra, page 42'.  Which is basically the same as pages 41 and 43 except the goat is wearing a hat.  So very small differences declared to be major innovations. Brand versus brand. As usual with European trade shows the exhibits were immaculately presented and marketing involving cubic cheese with flags sticking out the top:

Cheese flag

Posted by Andrew on 28/09/2018