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Greener Trailers -Hell in a Hand Cart

As we are all aware from Saint David Attenborough we are all going to hell in a hand cart.  

So here is a small morsel of joy for anyone buying our trailers: we are very green. And how so? Firstly as an ex student of carbon taxation in the 1980's I have always been somewhat concerned that all our children are going to end up fried in Turtle juice due to global warming. So all of Newton Trailer's electrical energy is wind or solar generated.

But the trailers we offer are on first pass surprisingly green too.

Aluminium requires a VAST amount of energy to extract, melt and extrude.  We could carbon offset that energy. And we will offer that service in future.

BUT the aluminum that makes up between half and three quarters of a tipper or a floor mass is 100% end of life recycled.  But more interestingly the original aluminium content was 42% recycled. So thumbs up. Once formed the aluminium is trapped in a recycling circle. The steel axles and steel chassis are 100% end of life recycled. The tyres ditto. It is only the roll over sheet tarpaulin that is waste and not recyclable but we are working on that.

So at least you can sleep at night in that your trailer choice from us is not the worst part of the bulk sector - now how about that 700 hp Scania you have with the extra lights and the row of air horns acting as an air dam.......that hand cart may well look surprisingly like a Red Scania with hellboy at the wheel.

Posted by Andrew on 16/05/2019