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Trick or Treat or Trump?

For some reason the season of mellow fruitfulness is feeling a little less bucolic and little more uncertain than in past years. We have an exciting Triumvarate of Brexit trick or treat: this will reveal whether the euro:sterling rate shifts high or low. Low and all our trailers get more expensives and high and all our trailers stay the same (probably cheaper). We are sat at a slightly uncomfortable 1.10 exchange rate which leaves everyone mildly unhappy.  So no trade agreement = pound reduces in value and tarrifs introduced. A thin trade deal will leave the pricing largely unchanged. Trump - well enough said. And Covid is also an exciting opportunity to catch your nadgers in the door.

So back to VUCA = volatility; uncertainty, complexity; ambiguity. This is hard for the trailer manufacturers - just ask Cartwrights and tricky for others Fruehauf but slightly better for dealers; and totally unknowable for end users.

Just need Father Christmas to appear and we have a full house.



Posted by Andrew on 16/10/2020