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Magnesium is not aluminium is it?

Magnesium is not aluminum, is it?

It was either my Chemistry teacher or my wife who said 'You are arrogant Smith'.  Not relevant but these are my ramblings and I will say what I like. Also, it is only suppliers and trailer manufacturers who read this blog searching for slights and hurts. I digress..... anyway as my Chemistry teacher (recently deceased) would clearly have informed me is that I am referring to Aluminium alloy and not the pure element aluminum when discussing the aluminum so vital to our industry. Magnesium is an important minor component of the mixture that is 80% sourced from .......... China. I bet you have spotted which way this is running. So China is less and less worried about what it is going to get for Christmas from the rest of the world and declared that it would not supply any increased amounts of Magnesium from midnight.  So this could mean that European aluminum alloy suppliers have not got the ingredients to even supply the aluminum even currently sold to the trailer manufacturers of Europe.  Shit hits fan around Christmas time by current reckoning.  So it is now a case of which trailer manufacturers recognize this and which ones will work it out whilst repairing the fan as the turkey is roasting in the kitchen. So another alloy price spike wends its' weary way towards us.

Posted by Andrew on 21/10/2021