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IAA Show Hannover - You can't beat a good sausage

The IAA show in Hannover Germany is consistently the best trailer show in Europe. Thursday, September 20 to Thursday, September 27, 2018  If you really want to understand trends and innovation in both the tipping trailer and walking floor industries then this is the definition of good. The big boys are normally there - Knapen, STAS, Kraker, Carnehl etc. You won't see too many UK manufacturers - but that is not where the innovation is coming from really/unfortunately. You can fly Stansted to Hannover and ideally 2 days is what you need - but the hotels etc are mercenary and are required to price the Show weeks high by the Show organisers.  So you can if you try fly in and fly out same day. And if you are in town it is hard to beat a good sausage und pommes.

Posted by Andrew on 24/08/2018