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Small - far away, Small - Far Away

Good to see that Commercial Motor Magazine penmanship is up to snuff. Interesting to see them reporting that Fruehauf had a 90 % market share prior to their Bankruptcy in September. Well possibly that maths might work in some universe - somewhere where grass is purple and dogs have two bottoms - 90  per cent in a suburb of Grantham perhaps? It is not even hard to fact check - there is public data showing market shares. At some time Commercial Motor needs to work out that people in our industry need objective reporting not Press Releases or their magazine will need to have slightly more perforations and come on a roll to be useful to us?

Thanks to Father Ted for 'Small Far Away' - perspective can be tricky when your primary advertisers issue press releases that are slighty out of kilter with planet earth.

Posted by Andrew on 29/11/2021