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Are Luck trailers owned by STAS?

Another in the series we often get asked?

Are Luck trailers owned by STAS? Luck trailers were founded by Christian Luck in Freudenberg Germany. They gained a reputation for making very strong and incredibly light all steel tipping trailers. In about 2017 STAS trailers of Belgium - a 100 year old plus company - in it's 4th generation of family ownership bought them. As they had gained a strong reputation in the UK with name Luck this has been kept as a selling name locally. In the rest of Europe they are called STAS. Now one of 3 STAS factories: Waregem, Belgium; Tournai, Belgium; Freudenberg Germany and Medias Romania.

Luck make approximately 10 trailers a week with full steel chassis and full steel bodies.

Posted by Andrew on 03/03/2022