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Are Luck Trailers any good.

Are Luck Tipping Trailers any good?

Luck are one of STAS's 4 manufacturing companies in Europe. STAS would be named number 1 for alloy tipping trailers in the EU. A fourth generation family company who sleep, wake and eat with no other thought in their heads other than how to be number 1 in customer satisfaction and product quality. Luck gained an enviable reputation over 15 years in Germany as the number 1 for quality prior to STAS taking them over. They had the USP of producing the lightest scrap trailer in Germany and then in the UK and by some distance. They are laser cut and laser welded and that is just not possible to beat. By any metric they are fabulous and the payback on payload alone makes them the only choice for the quality buyer of steel body tipping trailers in the UK.

Posted by Andrew on 03/03/2022