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Shitty death.....

Everyone said don't do it, so.......
I know everyone's head is either in the fuel crisis or Ukraine crisis but we would just like to say Newton is concerned about these as you are but also fixing the other crisis.
We are scared shitless that our trailers need thousands of tons each year of aluminium or steel to make them.
So Newton (and you the customer) have choices whether to leave the toilet sparkling after using it or 'curry night' brown. Now we know that when you want a trailer - you just want a trailer. So we know we have to hide the fact that we are trying here at Newton to make sure we sell the best eCO2 trailer - this is literally saving 100,000 tons of carbon per year better than a company that just thinks truck racing or that throwing McDonalds bag out of the car window is a good thing. If everyone bought from us maybe there would be one less crisis.....even after the energy crisis and Ukraine our kids will want a planet that functions.

Posted by Andrew on 22/03/2022