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Is Fruehauf Still in Business or has it gone again?

We often get asked the question: Is Fruehauf still in Business?

Well the answer to that is long and complicated. Crane Fruehauf, Fruehauf have changed their names so many times over the last 30 years. Successive business failures in 2003 ish and 2010 ish and 2021 ish have caused subtle changes in the name and in production. It is currently in business in Grantham - previously in Dereham. The company went through another clang in September 2021 when the previous Shareholder fell out with it's Managing Director.  As the senior economist of the Handelsbanken commented 'It would take extreme skill to make a business go bankrupt in 2021'. I suppose due to generous Furlough and loan environment. But Fruehauf managed it. It is very unusual the directors can put a court order on a business against the wishes of the owner but there you go.

Posted by Andrew on 05/04/2022