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Plus Ca Change

Plus Ca Change

What a shit show.....I have to check my watch to find out which Prime Minister I am currently meant to be respecting.  Sometimes makes you think that the Corbyn might have been a better choice - now that would have been really rocky.  And in other news.... plenty of trailers coming through now - so it looks like the Covid supply issues are finally working their way through the supply chain. Since the summer holidays the numbers per week have become almost ridiculous - I think we had 32 new trailers last week released by the factories.  So suddenly famine turns to feast and that is putting pressure on administration and haulage. 

We are not seeing much let up in price inflation. What is given with one hand is being taken by the other. Decline in the pound sterling has meant commodities such as steel and aluminium plus the remaining finished components are all either US dollar based or euro based and the purchasing power of a pound has gone south. So whether the trailer is made complete in the UK (say 80% materials and 15% labour and 5% piss it up the wall) or in Europe (85% materials and 13% labour plus 2% piss it up the wall) we are in the famous phrase 'All cooking with the same water'.  That means we are all seeing massive price increases for the product once built. The good thing is that it is supporting strong residuals on part exchange and used trailers.

As this blog has taken about 2 minutes to write there could be another prime minister waiting to be thrown out of Downing Street.

Posted by Andrew on 24/10/2022