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Queerer Fruit - Pressed Apples

Quick shout out to Nick who emailed me about this blogs strange direction of travel. He was sat in a meeting/audience earnestly listening to whether more billions should be invested in Knorr Bremse - who are a pretty amazing engineering company in southern Germany - and got so bored he 'googled' our website and started reading this blog. By coincidence - I  happened to visit the Knorr Bremse factory a while back and was amazed by the dancing robots putting together the SN7 and SK7 brake calipers. The commitment to getting the failure rates of their equipment per 100,000 kms travelled was an amazing game of 'Gap Analysis' or as Sir Dave Brailsford would term it marginal gains analysis.  Each tiny change in their production techniques and designs could lead to a tiny increase in performance of the brake systems. Add up all the tiny improvements and large 'gaps' could be bridged to where they wanted to get to.  Anyway thanks to Nick for the memory stir and see you at the cider pressing in the village - or at least the tasting - is it next month?

Posted by Andrew on 28/09/2018