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Deutz 2011 Deutz Engine 2011

Deutz 2011 Deutz Engine 2011

Deutz Engine 2011 Air cooled blowing engine.

The Deutz 2011 engine is one of two Deutz engines commonly used on tipping blower trailers. It is less heavy (a good thing) and less powerful bhp (bad thing) than the Deutz 914 engine which is its bigger brother.

The Deutz 2011 is often teamed up with the Wade VR113 Blower unit. The Deutz 2011 being less powerful than the 914 and often needs to be revved more to get the power out to the blower - but it is less expensive and less heavy. It is a 4 cylinder air cooled unit.

We stock some spare parts for this engine. Air filter; oil filter etc

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