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Trailers for Aggregate

Aggregate Trailer - Bulk Trailers for Aggregate in the UK

Choosing the correct trailer to carry aggregate at 44 tonnes on UK roads is both simple yet also a remarkably difficult. The UK uses a mixture of aggregate walking floor trailers, aggregate pushout trailers, aggregate insulated tipping trailers and then rigid tippers.  There are multiple reasons why one type of trailer is preferred to another and particulary 'who' you ask in the supply chain for an opinion.   For me the first constraint is the question do you want to avoid the hazard of tipping? Then 'can the aggregate material be tipped safely'? Is your profitability driven by payload? Clearly many other constraints join the mix - contract security, driver capability - need to be able to mix load types - aggregate with hardcore or muck away contracts. 

Fliegl Asphalt Ejector Push Out Trailer - the top choice for Tarmac in the UK Trailer Market Temperature King 3

Trailers for Aggregate Transport In The UK

Newton Trailers current first choice trailer for the transport of Aggregate is:

Recommended First Choice Trailer: Fliegl Aggregate Push Out Trailer or Push-Off Trailer Newton and Fliegl in Harmony

Recommended Second Choice Trailer: STAS Aggregate Tipping Trailer

Recommended Sales Options: Hydraulic Rear Door; Automatic Sheet System

Seasonal: No - a year round product! 

Tascc Product: Yes and no. Virgin aggregates yes - recycled materials no.

Product Density: 2300 kgs/m3

Trailer Volume: 40 cuyd

150 millon tonnes of Aggregate Transported in the UK per annum. 


'A material or structure formed from a mass of fragments or particles loosely compacted together' - so the term aggregate covers a huge array of materials. For our industry I guess aggregate as a material is a material that 'can be tipped or pushed out of a trailer'.  Aggregate manufacture and distribution must be one of the oldest industries ever - Stone Henge needed a good base even 5,000 years ago!  Obviously moving aggregate by hand from a local quarry outside the village was hugely labour intensive - someone invented the basket, then the wheel; then the wheel barrow, cart then rigid then tipper and now aggregate tipping trailer and aggregate push out trailer. It is guess work to work out the amount of aggregate material moved in the UK per annum. Much moves by boat, rail and road. The last leg is mostly road. 25 million tonnes of asphalt is manufactured each year - with a stone recipe. Sand, limestone stone, gravels etc must make this head north of 150 million tonnes shifted per annum. Logically bulk 30 tonne loads would be the target efficiency at 44 tonnes. However UK tradition is to head to an 19 tonne rigid tipper load. Why? - mostly thanks to Mr Prescott when he was Minister for Transport and really cocked it up - insisting on 6 axles and an 8 meter kingpin to center of rear most axle. Although this is 'secondary legislation' - and arguably just a paper exercise to change, the Ministry still seek to punish the UK with this rule and make us the laughing stock of Europe - reducing our transport efficiency by 30%. Madness but their you go - tradition. Perhaps the biggest challenge to carrying optimum payload in the UK is 'that's the way it has always been done'. So we normally end up with 3000 rigid tippers per annum and 250 aggregate trailers per annum and then a lot of bulk tipping trailers fitting in between other work. There is a driver argument - it is much easier to point and squirt a rigid than an aggregate trailer. I can whole heartedly agree that point. However the payload arguement is compelling too. Mostly it is the weird system of payments for rigids versus artics that is screwing up the logical decision - and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Arguably if we were in any other other country in Europe the answer would be reversed to 250 rigid tippers and 2000 trailers per annum. It will change but only as fast as we can change tradition. The imperative for change is planet and profit. It is the right thing from an eCO2 point of view, reduction in vehicle movements (noise - road safety - air pollution) and if water still runs down hills then profit too! But I have been making this point for 30 years with no logical counter arguement - but there you go!

New Products for Aggregate in the UK

A trend apparent in Aggregate Transport in Europe is that growing numbers of transport companies are switching from tipping trailers to pushout trailers. Eurovia and others use the Fliegl Aggregate pushout trailer extensively already in Europe. In the UK the tradition is to use 8 wheel rigids despite this having no logic. In Europe a rigid would be a non logical purchase due to massive payload and efficiency losses - in the UK these vast losses are buried in the confused politics of the 8 meter Bridge Formula and the broken links between engineering and transport companies - I am surprised they still dont use horse cart and a wooden wheel barrow - it would make as much sense.  In the 2014 era Aggregate Trailers that use HORIZONTAL discharge became available - Walking Floor Trailers - such as the Titan Walking Floor we sold or the BMI walking floor trailer or the Wilcox Walking Floor Trailer. Many had dubious insulation and ridiculous running costs and largely have dropped out of favour - they sort of work but with vast capital input; huge depreciation; poor insulation; eyewatering running costs. Then Aggregate Belt loaders appeared on the scene in 2018 - mainly Fruehauf copying the Trout River of Canada product. These cure some of the problems of the floor but then have limited scope for use on a wider range of aggregates essential for the Holy Grail of 'backload' and what the owner must do when Aggregate is not running.

Now an existing product from Europe but new to the UK is available and is taking the market by storm. The Fliegl Aggregate Pushout or Ejector Trailer. It has all of the benefits of huge insulation to please the Engineer; massively improved payload over an 8 wheeler; horizontal discharge to satisfy health and safety; simplicity of design to decimate running costs and unlimited product restriction - so versatility of product from Aggregate to Muck away - de risking the purchase decision. It can be purchase slightly cheaper - about £5,000.00 or so less - if you take the uninsulated version for cold aggregate - but the weight and price penalty is low enough to default to a fully insulated product to get access to the higher rates offered to insulated trailers.


Fliegl Asphalt Ejector Push Out Trailer - the top choice for Tarmac in the UK Trailer Market
Fliegl Asphalt Ejector Push Out Trailer - the top choice for Tarmac in the UK Trailer Market Temperature King

Aggregate Hot Product Trailers in the UK

Asphalt is an aggregate base with bitumen and other addititives plus TEMPERATURE. Cooking 27 tonnes of stone to 180 degrees and then pouring bitumen on it requires a simply staggering amount of costly energy. The product will drop out of conformity depending on the specification below 120 degrees. Wasting 60 degrees in the transport phase is simply no longer acceptable to industry. The Fliegl Asphalt trailer is super insulated with high quality polyisocyanurate insulation and careful attention to thermal bridging makes the Fliegl simply amazing. In Germany they even use the trailers as over flow stores when batch manufacturing Asphalt. The Fliegl has the added benefit of mixing the heat creating homogeniety at time of discharge. This is proven in numerous engineering papers in Germany and Austria to improve the road construction. In the UK using insulated tipping trailers and insulated rigid tippers creates systematic cool spots in the road at the time of lay which swiftly become rumble strips and premature road failures. If deployed correctly the Fliegl can allow the use of Warm Asphalt and also allows road laying into the colder months.  

The joy of the Fliegl is that when not laying Asphalt the 5 mm Hardox steel box can be used on plannings and other aggregates up to Muck Away and Skip Wastes. This de-risks the utilisation dilemna for the sub - contractor. When the black top is not running the owner can utilise the trailer on any other work - lime into fields or skip wastes. Always a back load. This is not possible in alloy body tipping trailers, walking floors or belt loaders. Versatility generating profits.

Hot Temperature Measurement in Aggregate Trailers 

Newton have worked in partnership with VWS and can provide digital information of the Aggregate temperature in the box - or a good enough range to make sensible utilisation information. We take the temperature inside the box in 2 (or more) places and send it to a signal on the trailer - red amber green. When red the aggregate is out of conformity and should not be used. Green is go. The temperature is logged and accessible on free remote monitoring software and on the drivers handheld. A company can monitor location +/- 10 meters, what mass of payload is on the trailer, view pictures of the load inside; and get REAL TIME temperatures +/- 10 degrees to make operational decisions. This means if there are 4 trailers on site the operator would logically use the coolest trailer first. This will prevent poor performance of aggregate surface and maintain that costly element is still present in the product when it is laid. No other trailer combination can do this in the UK. Clever team here at Newton!! In time and with learning a fleet of these trailers may allow the cook temperature of a large batching plant to be turned down say 10 degrees and still achieve safe product conformity at the point of lay.

VWS Fliegl Asphalt Temperature Recording and Communicator

Stability and Safety in Aggregate Trailers 

Careless talk costs lives. Tipping in a rigid or a tipping trailer using gravity to move the load introduces a hazard into the operation of aggregate transport. This hazard can be avoided using horizontal discharge trailers. Many hundreds of rigids and trailers tip over per annum with all the dangers and costs this incurs. It is best to avoid using a large bulker to carry aggregates as the potential for mis loading is introduced. All tipping should really ocurr on prepared level ground with an aggregate that can be tipped - not sticky, wet or mis loaded up one side.  There are two 'standards' that a rigid or trailer can be aligned with DIN70073 or ISO 22138, then there are some IRTE 'Guidelines' that are controversial. Tyre type and construction, tyre pressure, suspension type, suspension make; chassis design; cylinder type and manufacturer; body design, type, size material; length; sheet type, open closed; door type; center of gravity of load; stickyness all need to be computer modelled - homologated and then tested. Despite many claims in the UK almost none of this is done completely and compelingly despite well publicised marketing claims to the contrary. The last public tilt test center in the UK closed in 2018...... so how many UK Manufacturer's have their latest trailers tilt tested with all the latest axles, tyres etc - ask them to justify in detail and you will find mostly ghosts of trailers tested 20 years ago - if that?

Push Out

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Quicksilver Liner in STAS Asphalt Trailer

Trailers Options for Aggregate Transport In The UK

Aggregate Trailer Option: VWS Newton Weigher with inclinometer and body camera.

Aggregate Trailer Option: Powered rear under run bar. Lifts up out of the way of the Aggregate Road Laying Paver.

Aggregate Trailer Option: Powered rear door on an insulated tipping trailer. Powered doors are simpler and get out of the way of the operation without getting a driver or banksman's hands dirty.

Aggregate Trailer Option: Quicksilver 12 mm liner on a tipping trailer. For hot product only the 12mm is strong enough. Prevents sticking of the product and tip overs. It does also provide some extra insulation for temperature purposes. Downside ££££ and KGS.


Aggregate in Tipping Trailers


Newton Trailers are the largest supplier of Tipping Trailers, Ejectors and Moving Floors in the UK. Although for Aggregate transport we would say that the Fliegl Pushout has no comparable product as you get 27 tonne payload without tip over risk there are customers who prefer to use  tipping trailers. These will generate a payload gain but come with the hazard of stability in use.  We would recommend either the insulated STAS aluminium aggregate trailer from Newton Trailers 01525 872466 or the more interesting STAS U Rockstar insulated Aggregate Trailer. Both trailer types come in uninsulated form. Aggregate tipping trailers can generate a 30 tonne payload which is 10 tonnes more than a rigid tipper. 
Insulated Asphalt Trailer for Sale In the UK

Aggregate Trailer Song:

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Asphalt Trailer Fliegl Push Out in the UK Recipe
Best Match Options Volume Payload
New STAS Aggregate Tipping Trailer Quicksilver Liner - "Buildstar X" 10mm
Lights LED Strobe (Pair)
41 CuYds (31.3m3) 30050kg
Used 2015 Benalu Aggregate Tipping Trailer 39 CuYds (29.8m3) 30550kg
Also See 2015 Benalu Aggregate Tipping Trailer 40 CuYds (30.6m3) 30550kg
Also See 2015 Benalu Aggregate Tipping Trailer 40 CuYds (30.6m3) 30550kg
Also See 2014 Kel-berg Aggregate Tipping Trailer 42 CuYds (32.1m3) 30100kg
Also See 2019 Fruehauf Aggregate Tipping Trailer Quicksilver Liner - Halfpipe 10mm
Side Guard Infill Panel (Painted)
Lights LED Strobe (Pair)
Lights Side Marker Flashing Indicators
Quicksilver Liner - Halfpipe 6mm
Quicksilver Liner - Halfpipe 12mm
39 CuYds (29.8m3) 30040kg
Also See 2022 STAS Aggregate Tipping Trailer Quicksilver Liner - "Buildstar X" 10mm
Lights LED Strobe (Pair)
41 CuYds (31.3m3) 29900kg
Also See New STAS Aggregate Tipping Trailer Quicksilver Liner - "Buildstar X" 10mm
Lights LED Strobe (Pair)
41 CuYds (31.3m3) 29900kg