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Trailers for Animals By-Products

Animal By-Products Trailer - Bulk Trailers for Animal By-Products in the UK

Choosing the correct trailer to carry Animal By-Products at 44 tonnes on UK roads is a tricky decision. Offals (or other loads linked to offals) are often mixed with other abatoir or rendering and food waste products - hides, bones, feathers and blood or even whole carcasses and animals. The primary consideration when choosing a trailer and it's options is the quantity and proportion of free liquid in the animal by-products load carried. Does the trailer need to be watertight at the rear door? Will there be suffcient liquid depth and pressure to find leaks in the floor welds, door, sidewalls and headboard and seep out? Will other items such as bones, heads, horns etc scrape or puncture the body of the trailer? Will the load of animal by-products move and surge within the trailer under acceleration and deceleration. Will the load be partitioned with internal doors - to allow offals one side and say feathers the other side. Often in animal by-products waste transport there is a need to have drainage plates in the trailer and drainage taps in the base of the trailer. Will the trailer be stood loaded and unsupported for long periods of time? Will the trailer be sheeted or sealed lid? There are safety and operating considerations in purchasing the correct trailer for animal by-products around safety of releasing material from the rear door.

Animal By- Product Trailers in the UK

Trailers for Animal By-Products Transport In The UK

Newton Trailers' current first choice trailer for the transport of Animal By-Products is: STAS 65 cuyd Watertight Tipping Trailer

Sales Options For Animal By-Products Transport: Watertight door, internal drainage plates and taps, surge plates, internal doors, automatic sheet systems or automatic solid roof closing systems for animal by-products. VWS weighers with GPS location trackers and cameras for food chain traceability and animal disease control.

Alternative options: Turner Autogate Door

Seasonal Hire: Yes - sometimes turkeys don't get to see the new year.

Tascc Product: No

Product Density: 900 kgs/m3

Trailer Volume: 65 cuyd - the trailers are often half full. The extra capacity allows surge and other less dense versatility.

Region: Not regional - it is a pan European trailer type.

2 million tonnes of animal rendering wastes are transported in the UK each year.

Animal By-Products in the UK

Offals in the UK are produced as abattoir and meat processing by products from animal food production. Animal by-products; fallen stock collection and rendering are the primary industries that use animal by-products and water tight tipping trailers. Most mammal, poultry or fish processing creates animal by products. Creating protein at scale is extremely expensive and involves a lot of energy, time and capital. They by-products are often therefore very valuable too. The by-products can also be processed to maintain this value and used for example in the pet food industry or fertilizer industries. Many of these industries require benefit from economies of scale to produce food at the prices expected by UK consumers. This scale also transfers to the transport of the animal by-products and by-products. Potentially a bulk water tight animal by-products trailer should generate a 29 tonne payload of animal by-products. The transport of animal by-products requires specialist skills and handling. Animal welfare, disease and contamination controls on farms and breeding centers is paramount. Historically animal epidemics such as Foot and Mouth, Swine Fever, Bird Flue in the poultry industry; and now blue tongue have led to rapid evolution in the quality and thinking behind the trailers and methods used to transport animal by-products. The animal by-products and water tight trailers often act as a possible vector for disease spread. Therefore best in class trailers, tracking of trailers and sealing of trailers is required. Therefore the number of specialists able to operate at this scale are small and concentrated.

New Products for Carrying Animal By-Products in the UK

A Watertight Trailer is arguably a Watertight Trailer. However we have lost count of how many times trailers need re-working after delivery to achieve water tightness. That makes us as Newton Trailers very keen on a test of water tightness at the factory and avoid those terrible warranty calls. Leaving say a meter of water in the untipped body overnight and receiving a certificate that this level has been achieved is a minimum.

It is anecdotal but we do find that the thicker inner wall of the plank body gives a more effective seal.

However there is evolution. In the UK we have used the simple and effective Turner Autogate Door Clamp. However the STAS Sawtooth Watertight Rear Door is a more advanced option.

Roof closures are advancing and now metal clamping versions are possible. These can reduce spills from surge and reduce smells, odours and promote disease control by reducing access by birds and vermin.


Internal Drainage STAS Watertight Trailer

Animal By-Products Watertight Trailers in the UK

Watertightness is not easy to achieve in a 30 tonne loaded trailer. A complete rear door seal unbroken in the corners is a must. Thicker inner face body side planks is preferrable - say 4.2mm not the normal 2.8mm. This allows a better weld and reduces wall flex. Sawtooth rear door is the best, followed by Turner Autogate Door. Plenty of clamps. Remote door release prevents full welly boots and swept back hair. Reinforced door to prevent bowing and side leakage. Fully certificated water tight test ex factory on EVERY trailer. Straight-frame body NOT STEP body. A step body suffers surge pressure at the step and promotes weld fractures and leaking. Fork lift bump strips on the outside. Fill level indicator on inside to prevent over loading. Drainage sides and taps reduces liquid pressure. Inclined rear door reduces pressure on the door base.

Animal By-Products Transport in the UK


As discussed here Animal By-Products and Animal Waste Trailers are a specialist sport. They require careful operational management and safety items. The number of companies with this capabilty it therefore more limited:

Leo Group: Use STAS and Newton Water Tight Tipping Trailers Newton work with the Leo Group and STAS trailers to provide the best in class water tight animal by-products trailers. AKA Omega Proteins; Scot Proteins.

J G Pears: are an excellent company and use Water tight tipping trailers from Newton Trailers for Animal By-Products Waste Transport Use Newton Trailers Water Tight Tipping Trailers on Offals, Poultry Rendering. 

Fabra UK: Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Associationan excellent source of information for foodchain and rendering knowledge. Visit there site and learn about animal by-products transport and animal by-products trailers in the UK.

Saria: use Newton Trailers Animal By-Products Waste Tipping Trailers a scale rendering and anaerobic digesiton company using water tight tipping trailers at scale. AKA Refood UK; Sarval; Secanim.

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VWS Fliegl Asphalt Temperature Recording and Communicator

Trailers Options for Animal By-Products Transport In The UK

Animal By-Products Trailer Option: STAS Sawtooth Watertight Door. Hydraulic powered wedges force the door closer and closer to the rubber seal.

Animal By-Products Trailer Option: internal drainage. Punctured aluminium side strips allow the load to drain internally to valves.

Animal By-Products Trailer Option: Internal Rear Doors. Internal doors are possible to allow different product streams to be carried in the same trailer eg animal by-products in the back half; feathers in the front half.

Animal By-Products Trailer Option: Bolt on surge plates front and rear. Reduce spills under braking and acceleration. Reduces the chances of the lady with the pram getting covered at the zebra crossing and recharging her dry cleaning bill to you.

Animal By-Products Trailer Option: VWS Weighing System: Traditonally animal by-products trailers have not taken weighing sytems. But these systems now allow live GPS tracking of the trailer and camera recording and logging of loading and unloading events for auditing.


Animal By-Products Trailer Options


If the liquid element can be drained at the time of loading this helps to achieve greater efficiency in achieving 30 tonne payload of higher density animal by-products or food waste or animal by-products. It is a customer option to add external taps for decanting the liquid and blood before transport begins. Any number of drain taps can be fitted. Typically 2 per side - one towards the front of the body and one towards the rear. There will be a requirement to regularly wash the drainage perforated aluminium out and remove debris caught inside. This is accepted practice in the industry although there is not normally a queue at the door to do that work?

Screen Shot 06-26-24 at 03-53 PM

Animal By-Products Trailer Song:

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Best Match Options Volume Payload
New STAS Watertight Tipping Trailer 68 CuYds (52.0m3) 29750kg
Also See New STAS Watertight Tipping Trailer 68 CuYds (52.0m3) 29750kg
Also See New STAS Watertight Tipping Trailer 68 CuYds (52.0m3) 29750kg
Also See New STAS Watertight Tipping Trailer 68 CuYds (52.0m3) 29750kg
Also See New STAS Watertight Tipping Trailer 68 CuYds (52.0m3) 29750kg
Also See New SDC Watertight Tipping Trailer 65 CuYds (49.7m3) 29500kg
Also See New STAS Watertight Tipping Trailer 62 CuYds (47.4m3) 29750kg