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Trailers for Carrots

Carrot Trailers - Bulk Trailers for Carrying Carrots in the UK

Newton Trailers is the largest supplier of tipping trailers and walking floor trailers to carry carrots in the UK. Carrots are one the UK’s most important root vegetables, with around 700,000 t produced annually and close to year round availability of home grown products for retailers.

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Trailers for Carrot Transport

Newton Trailers current first choice trailer for the transport of Carrots is:

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Recommended Parts

Seasonal Hire

Tascc Product: Yes

Product Density:

Trailer Volume: 70 cuyd

A tipping trailer should be able to achieve a payload of over 29.5 tonnes of carrots and a specialist Knapen moving floor is not far behind at 29.2 tonnes. If you use 700,000 tonnes annual production this is 24,000 bulk loads per annum for UK hauliers to chew on! If you say 4 loads per day in the season and 250 days transport per annum then there is a need for about 40 UK bulk tipping trailers or walking floor trailers dedicated to carrying this product. This is a bit naive as a guesstimate - as the season is probably shorter and the loads per day may be all over the shop.

Carrots in the UK

Carrots are available almost year around but there is seasonal abundance which means the producers do require additional carrot tipping trailers at certain times. The fenland soils around Chatteris and the Scottish soils around Drem are preferred zones but the carrots are harvested slightly different timings from these two different lattitudes. Early production is mainly out of Norfolk and Suffolk and Cambridgeshire whilst Nottinghamshire and Scotland use straw coverings to protect the carrot tops for winter supply. When the seasonal glut lasts only 4 months it makes some sense to hire trailers. Normally you win up to 4 months then we win over 4 months.  If you are particularly interested in getting more information about carrots as a product then you could visit: http://britishcarrots.co.uk/carrot-production-facts/

As a TASCC product, carrots combines with all other food products such as wheat, barley and grains. This allows you to run carrots during the season and switch to other products for the rest of the year.

We can also offer moving floor trailers for carrot logistics. The normal trailer to carry carrots at 44 tonne in the UK is an aluminium bulker tipping trailer. There is also the possibility like in Europe to carry carrots in moving floors. Obviously the moving floor offers advantages of horizontal discharge removing the dangers of tipping in agricultural conditions. The trailer can also carry palletised or containerized product after processing. The biggest disadvantage of using large high sided trailers is the damage to the carrot product. For many retailers a broken carrot has no value. In theory larger trailers could be equipped with slide equipment or fall breakers but mostly this is not done.

New Products for Carrying Carrots in the UK

There are new products for carrying agricultural goods such as carrots entering the market. Knapen have teamed up with Krone to produce smaller volume trailers aimed at the 'chaser' agricultural field to store market. This product is manufactured for Newton Trailers by Knapen and is called the Krone KX and is getting a lot of traction. In Europe walking floor trailers are used with large flotation tyres to drive onto the field surface to chase – collecting maize, grains or root crops. Often instead of barn doors they have hydraulic door and automatic sheet systems to speed up loading and unloading. For use in the UK we would team up with VWS Weighing systems to give you accurate weights of the carrots loaded and cameras in the body showing you the loaded state of the carrots. https://www.vwsltd.co.uk/ This means that you will travel down the road with a correct legal road weight every time and also know the loading of the material in the trailer is correct without getting the driver out to climb up the catwalk. An additional benefit of this collaboration between Newton and VWS is that you will know from a computer or phone where all your trailers are right now, where they loaded plus or minus 10 meters in the field or store all with stored online pictures of the load or empty trailer. Amazing.

Alternative products:

If you are hauling  carrots using an agricultural tractor from the field very locally then there are excellent specialist products available in the UK. They will have large flotation tyres and ways of loading carrot crops whilst reducing the tuber damage and stem cracking.

We like and recommend for carrots:

Stewart Trailers: we like them for their high quality and thoughtful design.

Knapen on Agricultural products
Stewart Trailer Wing Lift Carrot Trailer

Carrot Trailers From Field to Store


Larrington Trailers: we like them for their speciality and often cutting edge innovation.



We work and supply with most of the UK’s largest Carrot Producers:

Produce World www.produceworld.co.uk

Strawsons www.strawsons.com

Kettle https://www.kettle.co.uk/about-us/our-products

Huntapac www.huntapac.co.uk

M H Poskitt www.poskittcarrots.co.uk

Tompsett Growers https://www.facebook.com/Tompsettgrowersltd/?locale=en_GB

Carrot Producers in the UK

Alfred Pearce

Fresh Growers

R and RW Bartletts

Hammond Produce

Hobson Farming

Abrey Farms

Elveden Farms

JT Paget & Son

Bridge Farm Produce

Suffolk Produce Limited

Benzies Produce Limited

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If you are really bored you could listen to our carrot song:

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And just in case all this reading has made you hungry as much as  I love selling tipping trailers I love roasted Carrots ( married to a reformed vegetarian – what can you do?)


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Best Match Options Volume Payload
New STAS Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 71 CuYds (54.3m3) 29750kg
Used 2019 Fruehauf Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 70 CuYds (53.5m3) 29700kg
Also See 2014 Montracon/Wilcox Commercial Vehicles Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 67 CuYds (51.2m3) 29400kg
Also See 2010 Weightlifter/PPG Fabrications Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 65 CuYds (49.7m3) 29800kg
Also See 2010 Weightlifter/PPG Fabrications Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 65 CuYds (49.7m3) 29800kg
Also See 2010 Weightlifter/PPG Fabrications Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 65 CuYds (49.7m3) 29800kg
Also See 2010 Weightlifter/PPG Fabrications Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 65 CuYds (49.7m3) 29800kg
Also See New STAS Plank Sided Tipping Trailer 71 CuYds (54.3m3) 29750kg