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Brexit - Equilux - Glad it's all sorted then

Even the STARS appear to be in alignment with Brexit. Equilux - Equal Day and Equal Night yesterday - seems appropriate with 11 days to go. Glad it's all sorted.

Posted by Andrew on 19/03/2019

Storm Gareth - Update - Every Cloud

Just in case you were despairing at the loss of your sheet system in the high winds - we can help - check out our parts page for all manner of sheet systems. So if your sheet has departed at junction 15 of the M1 like one I saw this afternoon then click away.

Posted by Andrew on 13/03/2019

High Winds - Storm Gareth

High Winds - Storm Gareth - now I know that no Gareth has ever sounded scary but we have Storm Gareth upon us.  We are getting plenty of calls asking what the recommendation is? Well the best is this Cartoon taken with thanks from Fruehauf Safety manual. So it is either a Duvet day or use a Walking Floor trailer day.....


Blog High Winds 3


Posted by Andrew on 13/03/2019

Brexit - looking good. 'Alexa - who is Prime Minister?'

Brexit - looking good. 'Alexa - who is Prime Minister?'

She made it through another night poor thing......

Posted by Andrew on 13/03/2019


Brexup - with all our futures hanging on it - and it's looking good isn't it.

Posted by Andrew on 07/01/2019

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