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Brexit - it's not going so well.

Just a quick correction to the last blog - it's looking pretty shite isn't it.

Posted by Andrew on 20/11/2018

Brexit - it's going well.

Brexit - it's going well.


Posted by Andrew on 16/11/2018

Fruehauf Price Increase 2019

Unfortunately due to supplier price increases there will be another substantial price increase on Fruehaufs in production after February 2019. Sorry.

Posted by Andrew on 08/11/2018

Chromium VI Ban from 1st January 2019

Chromium VI ban in 2019

Sorry to disappoint but this has nothing to do with Brexit but what story would be complete without the B word. Chromium VI is a miracle additive in the painting of trailers - it slows corroisions and helps the paint stick to the prepared chassis - it is also cheap. But because it kills the world and causes marine creatures to turn turtle it is banned from use in paints from January 2019. So manufacturers paint warranties will change - your 5 year warranties will soon be 2! Just thought you would like to know.

Posted by Andrew on 08/11/2018

Stable Door Bolting

Just to let you know that we have put some more Health and Safety on our resources page of our website - this time specifically for LUCK and STAS tipping trailers. Although not necessarily that amazing on UK sheet systems etc it is not a bad version and could be useful to you.

Posted by Andrew on 11/10/2018

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