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Hoorah for Ikea

One of Newton's trailers was involved in a horendous accident on the M25.


It was hit up the derriere by a 'left hand drive' tractor unit and curtainsided trailer.  The pictures are impressive and the M25 was closed overnight - IKEA came to the rescue of about 200 stranded motorists and opened their doors, allowing the weary to sleep on the beds in store. Both drivers only damage was a great look of surprise which will take several months to fade........

Posted by Andrew on 31/08/2018


Apple Harvest Has Started

It is good to see that Autumn is upon us with the nights drawing in and the big indicator is the apple harvest starting. Suddenly we see the Herefordshire rush. The lack of rain through the summer might push the sugar content up but may well reduce total mass. Rains over the next several weeks would need to be substantial to make any real difference now. An average 8 year old apple tree need 8,000 liters of water each day to stay alive when it has its' leaves out - (hey this is one of the few chances I get to use my Botany degree so indulge me here) - so to increase fruit mass there would have to be some big rains to get to the root systems.  

Posted by Andrew on 29/08/2018

IAA Show Hannover - You can't beat a good sausage

The IAA show in Hannover Germany is consistently the best trailer show in Europe. Thursday, September 20 to Thursday, September 27, 2018  If you really want to understand trends and innovation in both the tipping trailer and walking floor industries then this is the definition of good. The big boys are normally there - Knapen, STAS, Kraker, Carnehl etc. You won't see too many UK manufacturers - but that is not where the innovation is coming from really/unfortunately. You can fly Stansted to Hannover and ideally 2 days is what you need - but the hotels etc are mercenary and are required to price the Show weeks high by the Show organisers.  So you can if you try fly in and fly out same day. And if you are in town it is hard to beat a good sausage und pommes.

Posted by Andrew on 24/08/2018

Sugar Beet Start Dates 2018

Sugar Beet Lifting Campaign 

British Sugar looks to be opening the doors around 17th September 2018. As we know more we will let you know.

Posted by Andrew on 24/08/2018

Long drop - catwalks no longer needed?

This bit is the freestyle zone: remember these musings are but the ramblings of a deranged mind. They carry no weight and should on no account be used in a court of law:

Reasoning for use of a catwalk is now highly debatable. In my opinion the catwalk should be banned. There is no real need to use the catwalk in regular operations. Observation of load can be done by camera housed in the front of the trailer. Sheet systems can be controlled by automatic ground rolled sheet systems. How long people will cling on to the catwalk is only a matter of concience now.

Posted by Andrew on 14/08/2018

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