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Merry Christmas

No vanilla website would be complete without a dull sign off of 'Merry Christmas'.  Just done a round of our competition's websites and they all look fall within the required level of service 'Merry Christmas 2018' on a well known floor manufacturer's site. 404 page not found on another. Another competitor ran out of steam in June by the look of it.

So - since the 1960's to today these boring old boys at Newton Trailers will still be working til Christmas Eve for you. We will be manning the phones between Christmas and New Year and will probably show up for you if you are in desperate need between when Boris announces the end of the World and New Year.

Hoping you all stay well - Andrew and the Newton Team

Posted by Andrew on 22/12/2020

All change

Heading into Christmas - and what is Santa bringing us - well Fruehauf amongst other trailer manufacturers are finishing half of December and returning half of January. This kicks the SH One T out of supplying our customers with Fruehauf product but there you go.

Other manufacturers are running other policies through the Covid problem. Brexit is the next item on the agenda ...............and my that's going well - will Boris throw the Fishermen under the Brexit Bus?   Who knows.. maybe we will be let in on the secret by January 1st 2021.

Posted by Andrew on 01/12/2020

Import and Export

The thing at the end of the year involving Europe is looking about as interesting as it ever has..... with the fate of the UK Currency swinging with the trade agreement or no trade agreement the prices of trailers in the UK remains uncertain into the new year.  How does that affect me shouts the UK haulier purchasing a UK built trailer. Well about 80 % of the value of the the trailer is the materials - and all of that is made abroad and will change with the currency for BETTER or for worse.

Tarrifs also get fruity.  Perhaps 2.5% as an additional.

However interest rates are almost negative so the change in price will not be felt so much when purchasing on the never never.

Posted by Andrew on 27/10/2020

Trick or Treat or Trump?

For some reason the season of mellow fruitfulness is feeling a little less bucolic and little more uncertain than in past years. We have an exciting Triumvarate of Brexit trick or treat: this will reveal whether the euro:sterling rate shifts high or low. Low and all our trailers get more expensives and high and all our trailers stay the same (probably cheaper). We are sat at a slightly uncomfortable 1.10 exchange rate which leaves everyone mildly unhappy.  So no trade agreement = pound reduces in value and tarrifs introduced. A thin trade deal will leave the pricing largely unchanged. Trump - well enough said. And Covid is also an exciting opportunity to catch your nadgers in the door.

So back to VUCA = volatility; uncertainty, complexity; ambiguity. This is hard for the trailer manufacturers - just ask Cartwrights and tricky for others Fruehauf but slightly better for dealers; and totally unknowable for end users.

Just need Father Christmas to appear and we have a full house.



Posted by Andrew on 16/10/2020

August blog

Spent some time with journalists which gives some valued time for contemplation and navel gazing. One of the recurrent themes of the discussions was 'what is the value of a brand'?

A brand should stand for something. Literally it is burned into the skin of the animal to show the ownership of the should be a recognizable mental shortcut substituting all the values and standards of the product it marks. My question to myself is that when all the manufacturers essentially assemble the same components into roughly the same shape and when governments create rules for the product to conform to what does the brand do?

Easy to see in the olden days when toothpaste might contain rat poison that a trusted brand was useful, but what about today?  What does Newton Trailers stand for? Still pondering that one. What does Fruehauf stand for? How far can a brand be stretched thinner and thinner until it becomes dust? What does Wilcox stand for, what does Weightlifter stand for, what does STAS stand for? Signifier and signified are so often different.

Posted by Andrew on 27/08/2020

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