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Fruehauf out of Administration

Fruehauf went into a nasty and  contested Administration in August and September. Insiders were aware of the difficulties that the company has been in for some years. The brand has been stretched to breaking point - and clearly beyond - for the third time in 16 years.  MV Commercials are the new owners  and have the ambition and heart to try and restart the site again. It is of course a difficult time to restart a company with aluminium and parts either hard to source or absent in the market. With the range of products in MV's stable, grabs, cranes etc there is a strong chance of success.  We wish them well and we shall wait and see what happens next.

Posted by Andrew on 20/09/2021

Sugar Beet - ready for kick off

Sugar beet is about to kick off - the season of mists and beet lying on the side of the roundabout in Bury St Edmunds is upon us again.

Hopefully with British Sugar's improvements to the trailer fleet; automatic doors, automatic sheet systems and no catwalks we will see less thrills, spills and automobiles. If we could only get all the sugar beet trailers securing the load below the height of the top rails and covered with a sheet system then 2 plus 2 will start to equal 4 in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Lincolnshire. With the prospect of trailer weights increasing by 2 tonnes over the next few years this will be a challenge to keep the beet in the box.


Posted by Andrew on 09/09/2021

Booming June

What a strange market. Supplies for every trailer part are limited or limiting. Some trailer manufacturers such as Fruehauf remain dormant whilst others power on. EBS systems have gone missing from the supply chain. Wabco say no more systems until August - so everyone on the ship lurches to starboard and cleans out Haldex and Knorr Bremse from the shelves. Odd odd odd. So potentially it is a buoyant market but one where getting hold of trailers to sell is the problem. Harvest could be missing some players this year.... 

Posted by Andrew on 14/06/2021

May News

After 30 years at it you can run out of new things to say. But pretty much you can just repeat news of about 8 years ago and the circle is relevant again. We have coped with Brexit (sort of), the Pandemic is rapidly becoming old newspaper now - so we need another crisis to brighten up our dull old lives. And this time it is lack of rain (failed monsoons for 2 years) in Taiwan and too much cold in Texas in February.  Who would have thought that even a loaf of bread has a semi-conductor silicon wafer in it? Taiwan makes the most silica but has no water to keep the silicon mills running - and power cuts in Feb took out the next slice in Texas. And so ...... no LED lights for trailers and even less ECU for the braking systems. = sad trailer manufacturers relying on WABCO, Haldex or Knorr Bremse to slow down their equipment are shit out of luck.  Back next year when maybe there will be some trailers to sell. Love and kisses etc. 

Posted by Andrew on 04/05/2021

Something new

Happy New Year to you all and lets try and make it a good one.

2021 is going to be a massively improving Year for all of us - January and February look like a challenge to optimism as the numbers build around Covid.  This will undoubtedly drag down mood and sentiment into the first quarter - but then optimisim will kick in with the better weather, vaccination and improving Covid numbers. Summer will start to put this behind us and come September we will be booming!!

So a lot to look forward to this year.  We are here to support our bulk industry as we have done since the 1960's.  We hope always to be both the solid choice - we are here for you and the EXCITING choice - New Year New Products.   You can see our exciting new product offers on our buy trailer pages. No one else offers the choice, range, depth and innovation that Newton does. Buy from us for the best payloads and the most daily money in your pocket. Buy from us for quality - guaranteeing you the best residuals in the market - so more money in your pocket.

HAPPY New Year to you ALL

Posted by Andrew on 01/01/2021

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