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Brexit - looking good. 'Alexa - who is Prime Minister?'

Brexit - looking good. 'Alexa - who is Prime Minister?'

She made it through another night poor thing......

Posted by Andrew on 13/03/2019


Brexup - with all our futures hanging on it - and it's looking good isn't it.

Posted by Andrew on 07/01/2019

Happy New Year

Well at last 2019 came kicking and screaming into the world. I was asleep at the time so had to rely on reports from the BBC that it did happen.  Trying desperately not to use the ****it word so soon into the year. Anyway our first day back kicked off with a number of good sales so you can only speak as you find - Happy New Year to you all. Strap in and enjoy the ride.........

Posted by Andrew on 02/01/2019

Tricky tricky tricky

Well - to buy a trailer or not to buy a trailer? Obviously paraphrasing Shakespeare to a certain extent.  It is not 2007 all over again as we are in a historically low interest environment - which means buying a trailer is very cheap - which therefore means that if you a job to do with the trailer you should buy one.

In 2007 credit was hard to get as the Banks died, making a trailer impossible to purchase - so the 2019 Brexit crisis is a very different business environment.  

The Brexit is probably a 50:50 situation - it may happen and it may not. So on balance we should keep our nerve and trade on as normal.

Posted by Andrew on 10/12/2018

Brexit - probably a bit worse than last update......... but could get better next update....

Brexit - probably a bit worse than last update.........


Getting close to the time when the even the Captain leaves the ship.  Theresa is set to pull the 'Meaningful Vote' in an announcement to Parliament. As speeches go it will be right up there with how to arrange your sock draw, and other essential things for the UK.

Posted by Andrew on 10/12/2018

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