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And all was well..........

Sat in on a meeting with Bank's chief economist and was quite shocked after slides and charts and the usual good stuff that..............all was well in the UK.  It did make me feel better. And best of all Brexit never happened. Looking at all the slides and charts Brexit does not show up on the last 2 years of UK performance data - Covid - yes certainly makes a bit of a dip on the graph (biggest since WW1) but that bounces back to 'meh'. So equities look set fair, interest rates - will peak but not cause trouble, inflation will peak but not cause trouble, and companies and households are sat on the biggest savings cash pile for some decades and will unleash it as soon as they can. So rosy - but then he is an economist - so could get his rubber out and change the charts when the future actually shows up.... 

Posted by Andrew on 29/11/2021

STAS - endless pleasure

STAS - Endless pleasure.

We have been fortunate enough to have been working with STAS for a number of years - which has been a pleasure - great product and great people.  As you may or may not know STAS use the strap line - 'endless pleasure'. This can obviously cause the odd wink or smirk to the potty minded amongst us Brits but if you think more deeply it does make sense.  STAS have moved beyond just offering a product that works and endeavour to become your and our partner in life - at least for the long life of a trailer.  We see this as our philosophy too and we are now offering the STAS tipping trailer range as our number 1 product partner - we hope you all enjoy the Endless Pleasure we can offer you!! 

Posted by Andrew on 29/10/2021

Ramblings of A Deranged Mind

Ramblings of A Deranged Mind

As a quick reminder this blog bit is the freestyle zone: remember these musings are but the ramblings of a deranged mind. They carry no weight and should on no account be used in a court of law:


Posted by Andrew on 21/10/2021

Partners in Bulk

It is usually during a Church Service that I ponder what on earth I do for a living.

Clearly, we sell excellent products at a good price TICK.

We have a fantastic digital offer TICK. 

So what next?- clearly our role is to be PARTNERS to our customers in life. So not just to supply a trailer but to stay working alongside our customers for the life of their trailer - and because we like them and want our customers to do well. Next level up from just being salesmen.TICK

And beyond these important items, we endeavour to be PARTNERS in life to the planet - making sure that the products we select are the best for the planet too.  Now that is what we do for our customers at Newton and I am proud of that - WORK IN PROGRESS.

Posted by Andrew on 21/10/2021

STAS dealer days.

As the saying goes......organise a piss up in a brewery. STAS set its dealer day in the beautiful St Bernardus brewery, Watou.  STAS spend a fortune educating their dealers and hosted 200 of Europe's finest in Ypres in October.  Even though we do not sell the STAS walking floor it was amazing  to us to see the development of the moving floor side of STAS's business. Is there a factory to match it?  STAS showed dealers and suppliers around the new factory extension in Tournai. Robot welding and robot sanding and painting - the new sander and paint process alone cost £2 million and the extension a further £6 million.  If you love quality products you have got to love what STAS do for a living.  As a near T totaller I could not make much of a dent in the brewery offering. We have been informed by others many times that we do not have a salesman at Newton - but with such fabulous engineering, and detailed thinking the STAS sells itself and Newton has to merely offer it to the UK market. 

Posted by Andrew on 21/10/2021

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