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Are Luck trailers owned by STAS?

Another in the series we often get asked?

Are Luck trailers owned by STAS? Luck trailers were founded by Christian Luck in Freudenberg Germany. They gained a reputation for making very strong and incredibly light all steel tipping trailers. In about 2017 STAS trailers of Belgium - a 100 year old plus company - in it's 4th generation of family ownership bought them. As they had gained a strong reputation in the UK with name Luck this has been kept as a selling name locally. In the rest of Europe they are called STAS. Now one of 3 STAS factories: Waregem, Belgium; Tournai, Belgium; Freudenberg Germany and Medias Romania.

Luck make approximately 10 trailers a week with full steel chassis and full steel bodies.

Posted by Andrew on 03/03/2022

Do Fruehauf have a 90 per cent market share?

Do Fruehauf have a 90 per cent market share?

We often get asked whether the claim that Do Fruehauf have a 90 per cent market share is true or not?.

Well published data by DVSA on annual trailer homologations in the UK makes exciting reading but probably even in their best years Fruehauf might have scraped to 40% market share. It may come down to how you define your market share. Are you the largest seller of tipping trailers in my village? Are you the biggest seller of tipping trailers with a chassis plate marked Fruehauf? Anyway the 90 per cent market share claim is one for trading standards to take up or perhaps God if he wanted to smite a few sinners?. But clearly it is a total whopper of a claim.

Posted by Andrew on 03/03/2022

Did Fruehauf Go Bankrupt

Did Fruehauf Go Bankrupt?

We often get asked whether Fruehauf Trailers of Grantham went Bankrupt?  Well the Grantham Tipping Trailer Manufacturer Fruehauf did go Bankrupt in about 2003 and again in about 2010 and technically I believe they did go into a Court appointed administration in September 2021. Fruehauf were running on empty with serial entrepreneurs picking them up, running them lean and then bad luck happens. Fruehauf shut down for very long periods during COVID taking advantage of Furlough to try and weather the storm. Then a management punch up internallly led to a court order that closed them and allowed another buyer in.

Posted by Andrew on 03/03/2022

Saving David Attenborough

Saving David Attenborough........

Well looking how tatty St David was on looking on the BBC last week, I think trying to save St David might be a lost cause. But Newton has some pretty ambitious goals regarding playing our part in saving what is left of our Planet. So getting Carbon Literate is the first bit.
We sell about 1,100 trailers per year and if you do the maths at between 6 tonnes and 10 tonnes per trailer of alloy and steel we will clearly have a special place in hell when St David meets us at the Pearly Gates and turns his thumb downwards - potentially we are contributing thousands of tonnes of eCO2 per annum. Sorry kids, sorry polar bears.
Anyway like any good journey it starts with a row with the wife - then we have to calculate our emissions produced on site here at Newton's - called SCOPE 1 emissions. On this we are pretty ace - we have some diesel and heating oil emissions to offset. Then we have SCOPE 2 with main energy on site is electricity and we purchase 100 percent green energy. So gold star there. Next Scope 3 - and for that we have to get deep into our suppliers knickers - and that is not pleasant and may take some time - but if you are a supplier or component supplier to us please be on notice - we are coming a rummaging. But when you are buying a trailer please be aware that Newton at least are doing their bit for the Planet...and if you are purchasing from us then we are doing better than the rest. Long live St David...

Posted by Andrew on 01/03/2022

STAS - it's the Real Thing

We are so impressed with the STAS Factory in Romania we would like to show you around the inside. This purpose built factory joined the STAS family of 3 other factories 5 years ago, and is used to construct Newton's new steel chassis trailers. Mostly robot construction methods and state of the art engineering - even the bodies are robot painted! There is no higher quality product for the British market. It is all made under one brand new roof and does not emerge into daylight, blinking - until it is painted. Newton - Keeping it REAL.


STAS factory Medias inside

Posted by Andrew on 21/01/2022

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